I've decided to retire from solo touring at the end of 2020. I plan
to continue making music after that... writing, producing, playing sessions,
gigging with Raggedy Ass, 3 Boxes, The Black'edds etc. I'm open to any
future projects that catch my interest... but I don't want to spend any more
afternoons alone in the car in never ending traffic jams!

I'm planning to release a new CD every month throughout 2020.
The series started with "One Year", an almanac of songs about
each month of the year. Subsequent months will see a rock and roll album,
an album of guitar instrumentals, a Rockabilly record, an album featuring
many of my favourite guitar players, an album of songs about the north of
England, an album of love songs.... check back often for updates.

You'll be able to buy these CDs in the usual ways... at record stores (if you
can find one) and from Amazon and otheronline outlets. If you want
the digital version, go to iTunes, Amazon etc. And If you really want to hear
music that sounded pretty decent in the mastering room sound like it's
coming through the walls from next door, no doubt you'll be able to
stream the stuff from somewhere!

I can also supply CDs by mail order. Needless to say, I make most money
per sale that way! If this option appeals, drop me an
email and I'll make it

Thanks for your support over the last 40 years... and I hope to see
you somewhere down the road in 2020!