01  I Shake (Gregson/Hewerdine)
02  Second Choice (Gregson)
03  Telephone Lines (Gregson)
04  Cozac/Hinxworth (Gregson)
05  The Queen’s Head (Gregson)
06  Peggy, Sue (Birch/Gregson)
07  Lonesome Whistle (Davis/Williams)
08  Dead Man’s Shoes (Gregson/Hewerdine)
09  That Same Mistake (Gregson)
10. The Minute You’re Gone (Gregson)
11. Stay Another Day (Gregson)
12. Highlands In January/Kiss The Girls (Gregson)
13. I’m Gonna Take My Own Advice (Gregson)
14. Learning The Game (Holly)
15. It Doesn’t Take Much (Gregson)
16. I Was In Chains (G. Sutherland)
17. It’s All Just Talk (Gregson)
Produced by Clive Gregson