Gregson & Simcock
Clive and Liz first got together in 2015 to play shows featuring the
Gregson and Collister catalogue. That tour went so well that they
decided to keep the train rolling for a while, play more duo shows and
record a CD of brand new Gregsongs.

"Underwater Dancing" was released in September, 2017. Another tour
followed, this time featuring the new material, which was very well
received by fans and critics alike.

The single from the album is "Me & You"... and here's a link to the Nigel
Dick directed
video for the song. We also filmed live acoustic videos for a
handful of songs from the album and you can find those

Both Clive and Liz have busy solo schedules... and somehow Liz also
manages to hold down a full time day job! Ongoing touring opportunities
are therefore somewhat limited... but one off gigs and special events are
always possible. Keep an eye on the tour dates page for details.