Clive Gregson
Photo: Sara Porter
Well... my retirement year tour schedule has finally bitten the dust
in the light of the current health situation. My apologies to anybody
who was planning to attend a show... man plans, God laughs, right?
We are currently looking at the possibilty of rescheduling some shows
into the autumn of 2021. Keep an eye on the tour dates page for
updates on that...

Covid-19 has also done a number on my proposed 2020 release
schedule. It's not been possible to record in studios other than my
own or record with other musicians in real time so some of the album
projects I had in mind have had to be kicked down the road
somewhat. Hopefully those will become possible in 2021.

The first eight CDs are now available and I'm putting the finishing
touches to 2020-09. Please keep an eye on the
2020 page
for updates. Thanks as ever for listening. I hope to see
you somewhere down the road while we are all still young! Stay well...