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Any Trouble, "Wheels In Motion" (Stiff,1981) 12" album, UK
Any Trouble "Wrong End Of The Race" (EMI America, 1984)
12" album, USA
Clive Gregson "Welcome To The Workhouse" (Special Delivery,
1990) 12" album
Gregson & Collister "A Change In The Weather" (Special
Delivery, 1989) 12" album
Gregson & Collister "Mischief" (Special Delivery, 1987)
12" album UK
Gregson & Collister "I Wouldn't Treat A Dog" (Special Delivery,
1987) 12" single
Various Artists incl Gregson & Collister "Hard Cash"
(Special Delivery, 1990) 12" album
23 Jewels "Weltschmertz A Go-go!" (Temporary, 1980) 7" EP
23 Jewels "Playing Bogart" (Temporary, 1979) 7" single.
Any Trouble "Trouble With Love" (Stiff, 1981) 7" single
Any Trouble "Yesterday's Love" (Stiff, 1980) 7" single
Gregson & Collister "Blessing In Disguise" (Special Delivery, 1989)
7" single. Rare!
Gregson & Collister "The Great Provider" (Special Delivery, 1990)
7" single. Rare!