In view of the ongoing CV-19 pandemic and the likelihood that
the only live performances that will be allowed to take place for
the forseeable future will be in venues that can support strict
social distancing guidelines, I've taken the decision to cancel all
the shows that were still on my tour schedule for the rest of this

Please accept my apologies for this decision. 2020 has
certainly not turned out the way any of us might have
anticipated... I had, of course, announced my intention to retire
from the road by the end of this year.

I am of an age that puts me firmly in the "at risk" category and
the majority of venues that I typically play are pretty small. I
can't imagine any way that most of them would be able to
operate effective social distancing and hygiene measures as
required by the government guidelines. Many of the places I
was booked into have already cancelled.

Many people have told me how disappointed they would be if
they were not able to see me play live again. I've asked
Lorraine, my booking agent, to look at the possibility of
rescheduling shows into October and November, 2021.
Hopefully things might be somewhat back to what passes for
normal by then. Watch this space!

Thanks for your support down the years... it would not have
been the same without you! Stay well...

Best: CG

August 18th, 2020
Tour Dates
Photo: Nigel Dick