Eighteen Strings (2020-03)


01: Guelph
02: Magnet
03: Yellow Eyes
04: Bulldog
05: The English Abroad
06: Bold Mountaineer
07: Offside
08: A Texan With A Pair Of Nylons
09: Raining All Day
10: Green As Grass
11: Taterdemalion
12: Washing Day
13: Antonio
14: 102F


Playing by CG
Tunes written by CG, published by Gregsongs, administered by BMG Rights Management, UK
Recorded and mixed at Gregsonics, Saddleworth, UK by CG
Mastered by Andy Seward
Produced by Clive Gregson
Design by Amelia Sanders
Photographs by Sara Porter


Paul Adshead, All at BMG, Lorraine Carpenter, Missy Feeley, Ged Green, Andy Murray, Stuart Palmer,
All at John Pearse Strings, Sara Porter, Amelia Sanders, Andy Seward, John Stirling

Special Thanks

Mark Griffiths & Andy Roberts

I wrote most of those tunes when we were prepping the 3 Boxes album, “Strings Attached”. For one reason
or another, these particular tunes didn’t make the final cut for that album… so I’ve tidied up my
demo recordings and gathered them together here. Hope you enjoy them!
For the guitar nuts amongst you… I played the following instruments on these recordings. Just don’t ask me
which specific instruments I played on each track…

Alvarez RD8C (2006)
Egmond Nylon String Acoustic (1970)
Egmond Steel String Acoustic (1968)
Epiphone AJ-220S (2012)
Epiphone FT-79N Texan (1963)
Epiphone FT-79AN Inspired by Texan (2012)
Epiphone FT-79VC Inspired by Texan (2017)
Guild F-30 SB “Aragon” (1963)
Harmony Stella H941 (1967)
Oakfield J-45 (2014)
Martin 00018 (1972)
Martin D-28 (2006)

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