01  I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (Price/Walsh/Barri/Omartian)
02  Everybody Cheats On You (Gregson)
03  That Same Mistake (Gregson)
04  I Specialise (Gregson)
05  We’re Not Over Yet (Gregson)
06  Not A Day Passes (Gregson)
07  Rain On Your Parade (Gregson)
08  I Wonder What Went Wrong (Gregson)
09  This Tender Trap (Gregson)
10  I Will Be There (Gregson/Hobson)
11  Wash Me Away (Gregson)
12  No Word Of A Lie (Gregson)
13  Lost At Sea (Gregson)
14  Farewell Note (Gregson)
Produced by Clive Gregson

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