The Best of Gregson & Collister

01 ?This Is The Deal (Gregson)
02 ?It’s All Just Talk ?(Gregson)
03 ?I Shake (Gregson/Hewerdine)
04 ?Home Is Where The Heart Is (Gregson)
05 ?I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (Price/Walsh/Barri/Omartian)
06 ?All The Time In The World (Gregson)
07 ?I Specialise (Gregson)
08 ?Love Is A Strange Hotel (Hewerdine/Smith)
09 ?How Weak I Am (Gregson)
10 ?Here I Go Again (Gregson)
11 ?We’re Not Over Yet (Gregson)
12 ?(Don’t Step In) My Blue Suede Shoes (Gregson)
13 ?Touch And Go (Gregson)
14 ?Wash Me Away (Gregson)
15 ?Tryin’ To Get To You (Singleton/McCoy)
16 ?Northern Soul (Gregson)
17 ?Could This Be The One? (Gregson)

Produced by Clive Gregson except 08, produced by Clive Gregson & Christine Collister

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