Wrong End Of The Race

01 ?Open Fire (Gregson)
02 ?Old Before Your Time (Gregson)
03 ?Lovers Moon (Gregson)
04 ?Lucky Day (Gregson)
05 ?Coming Of Age (Gregson)
06 ?Baby, Now That I’ve Found You (Macaulay/MacLeod)
07 ?All The Time In The World (Gregson)
08 ?Wheels In Motion (Nick Simpson)
09 ?Turning Up The Heat (Gregson)
10 ?Yesterday’s Love (Gregson)
11 ?Wrong End Of The Race (Gregson)
12 ?Learning The Game (Buddy Holly)
13 ?Like A Man (Gregson)
14 ?Playing Bogart (Simpson)
15 ?Eleventh Hour (Gregson)
16 ?The Cheating Kind (Gregson)
17 ?Snapshot (Gregson)
18 ?Between The Black And The Grey (Gregson)
19 ?Kid Gloves (Gregson)
Produced by John Wood & Will Birch

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