I was planning to release a new CD every month throughout 2020. The series started with “One Year”, an almanac of songs about each month of the year. Subsequent months saw a rock and roll album, an album of guitar instrumentals, an album of songs about my life in the business of show, a social commentary set, songs about the north of England, a collection of songs about people and places and an album of love songs….

Then CV-19 intervened… and some of the projected albums could not be recorded as they relied on working in outside studios with other musicians in real time. I didn’t want to change my approach to these particular projects as I felt that would not serve the music. So… they’ve been kicked down the road a while. An increased turnaround time at the manufacturers meant that my original release schedule was not going to happen either… so the last four CD releases will fall into 2021. The best laid plans….

You can buy these CDs in the usual ways… at record stores (if you can find one) and from Amazon and other online outlets. If you want the digital version, go to iTunes, Amazon etc. And If you really want to hear music that sounded pretty decent in the mastering room sound like it’s coming through the walls from next door, no doubt you’ll be able to stream the stuff from somewhere!

I can also supply CDs by mail order. Needless to say, I make most money per sale that way! If this option appeals, drop me an?email?and I’ll make it happen.

Thanks for your support over the last 40 years… and I hope to see you?again?somewhere down the road!